Why Choose ioBanker FinTech Supported Platforms?

Futuristic – Professional – Safeguarded

Made For Bankers

We've designed ioBanker terminals and Blockchain tools to satisfy the worldwide digital generation of digital era bankers. We have partnered with several regulated channels between fiat and crypto digital currencies to develop the a seamless technological services experience to our web based terminals software developers and users.

Secured By Blockchain

ioBanker terminals are directly interfacing with Blockchains and operated by Public Blockchains users, the terminal account's are the Blockchain direct wallets, interactions between browser based terminal and API systems interfacing Blockchains are protected through encryption while allowing software users to interface with their own choice of Blockchains API.

Technological Services

We provide Blockchain technological services and tools such as an analytics and digital assets trading terminal, data services, and news to individuals, financial companies and organizations through ioBanker terminals and associated software and technological services running at ioBanker's website.

Blockchain Reserves

Blockchain technologies had enabled the concept of full reserve banking. Blockchain users are solely managing and enjoying the full ownership of their own Blockchain digital reserves. Blockchain digital reserves are secured on the Blockchain and are available only to the private key owner 24/7/365.

24/7 Virtual Office Support

Our verified partners are the core of our success. We have conducted a digital transformation strategy to serve our verified partners through an online front office with 24/7 chat and phone support. We are looking forward to our partners satisfaction and looking for their feedback to improve our support and digital financial services technology platforms.

99.9% Service Availability

Our platform is fully protected against attacks with full data peer-to-peer encryption and 24/7 infrastructure systems monitoring. We have implement high availability systems and disaster recovery procedures to protect our platform against extended down times. Our data centers are segregated worldwide and protected from centralized outages.

Transparency and Assurance

We are setting a new standard of consumer technological services accountability. Our platform allows everyone to have total visibility on their own activities and giving them the total control over their own digital reserves. ioBanker Platforms at any time can confirm that users reserves are totally safe and secured.

Meets EU Compliance

We proudly deal with firms who maintain a good reputation with their digital reserves. This ensures that you will better safeguard your information while using technological ioBanker platforms. Participants of our eco-system are subject to Estonian and International Laws.

Why Full Reserve Banking Technology?

Transparent - Smart - Secured

ioBanker is introducing the most reliable financial reserves banking systems and assets management features and concepts inherited from the ancient concept of having a bank with “full reserve banking” features many thanks to blockchain and fintech merged technologies. Full-reserve banking (also known as 100% reserve banking) is a proposed alternative to a fractional-reserve traditional banking in which financial service provider would keep the full amount of each depositor’s funds in account, ready for immediate withdrawal on demand. Funds deposited by customers in demand deposit accounts such as escrow accounts would not be loaned out because it would be legally required to retain the full deposit to satisfy potential demand for payments.

How Do Our Worldwide Digital Reserves Remittance System Works?

Send - Receive - Verify

In just seconds, you’ll be ready to send digital reserves to fellow ioBankers around the world instantly and securely. Anyone, with an internet, anywhere in the world can receive digital reserves instantly, via their Blockchain client based ioBanker platforms.

Contact Management

Whether you want to join the ioBanker network or to have any inquiry about our role in BitShares or XRP Blockchains, contact us and we will get back to your inquiry within 24 working hours.