WHY CHOOSE ioBanker FinTech?

Futuristic – Professional – Safeguarded

Made For Bankers

We've designed ioBanker terminal and Blockchain tools to satisfy the worldwide digital generation of digital era bankers. We are a regulated channel between fiat and crypto digital currencies. We've partnered with worldwide financial institutions to provide financial services and digital reserves exchange features.

Secured By Blockchain

ioBanker DEX terminal is totally running on Blockchain and Gateways are managed and operated by European established organizations and service providers, the terminal account's owner is the only one who can access it using the browser based terminal with an encrypted password or brainkey file.

Technological Services

We provide Blockchain technological tools such as an analytics and digital assets trading terminal, data services, and news to individuals, financial companies and organizations through ioBanker DEX terminal and associated pages on ioBanker's official website.

Financial Services

Our verified customers can send, receive or exchange digital currencies verses fiat and vise versa with our internal or any external entities across borders. Digital and fiat currency deposits that's made to us are subjected to proof of funds verification to safeguard your transfers.

24/7 Virtual Office Support

Our verified customers are the core of our business success. We have conducted a digital transformation strategy to serve our verified customers through an online front office with 24/7 chat and phone support. We are looking forward to our customers satisfaction and looking for their feedback to improve our support and digital financial services.

99.9% Service Availability

Our platform is fully protected against attacks with full data peer-to-peer encryption and 24/7 infrastructure systems monitoring. We have implement high availability systems and disaster recovery procedures to protect our platform against extended down times. Our data centers are segregated worldwide and protected from centralized outages.

Transparency and Assurance

We are setting a new standard of consumer assurance and financial services accountability. We’re built around the fundamental concept that everyone has the right to total visibility into, and control over, their funds. Customers, at any time, can confirm digital financial reserves and ensure that their reserved funds are totally safe and secured.

Licensed and Meets EU Compliance

We are proud to deal with clients who wish to maintain a good reputation for their financial reserves. This ensures that we can better safeguard your reserves whilst providing exceptional financial services. Participants of our financial eco-system are subject to a strict AML procedures that meets the European and International Financial Laws.

Why Full Reserve Banking?

Transparent - Smart - Secured

ioBanker is introducing the most reliable financial reserves banking features inherited from the ancient concept of “full reserve banking” many thanks for blockchain and fintech technologies. Full-reserve banking (also known as 100% reserve banking) is a proposed alternative to a fractional-reserve traditional banking in which financial service provider would keep the full amount of each depositor’s funds in account, ready for immediate withdrawal on demand. Funds deposited by customers in demand deposit accounts such as escrow accounts would not be loaned out because it would be legally required to retain the full deposit to satisfy potential demand for payments.

Worldwide Digital Remittance

Send - Receive - Verify

In just minutes, you’ll be ready to send money to fellow ioBankers around the world instantly and securely. Open free account and gain immediate access to our growing list of customers benefits. Anyone, with a internet, anywhere in the world can receive digital assets instantly, and reserve it in the virtual currency of their choice, via their ioBanker account on Blockchain.

Seamless Fiat Currency Experience

In/Out integration with banks and e-money institutions


Credit Cards Deposit/Withdraw


Bank Wire Deposit/Withdraw


Payment processors

Account Service Levels

Get an overview of your account opportunities with our financial and banking services philosophy

0 - 500 /Daily
fiat deposit & withdraw limit
Free fiat and digital reserves E-wallet
Unlimited Digital Reserves Deposit
Withdraw instantly
Extended KYC status upto 6 months
24/7 Phone and Chat Support
500 - 20,000 /Daily
fiat deposit & withdraw limit
Everything In Beginner, Including:
Back to Back Customer Service
Daily Market Reports And Articles
Free Cloud Virtual Office
Reward Plans On Exchanges
VIP Class
20,000 - ∞ /Daily
fiat deposit & withdraw limit
Everything In Banker, Including:
Legal Paper Work Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Personalized Service Level Agreement
Banking Support

Contact Management

We believe in our customers and would love to hear from you. Share with us your feedback, suggestions and comments to help us improve our services.

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